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Design services can make all the difference when it comes to a successful renovation project. By carefully planning and communicating with you, our team takes the time to create a visual space that matches your vision before breaking ground, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction down the line that may arise when a space doesn’t turn out how you had imagined. By incorporating design services during both the pre-construction and construction phases, we not only establish a mutual vision that guides us but also empowers us to address any necessary pivots with designer support and guidance, ensuring your project stays true to the original vision. Ultimately, our goal is not only to save you time, money, and any potential disappointment but to exceed your expectations by building a space that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities like a glove.   





(0)   Step 0: If you already have a clear idea or vision for your project, and perhaps already have some design materials or site pictures, but you're encountering some roadblocks in the achievability of your vision, and are not sure if you want or need a full design package, we can book a 30-minute initial design consultation for $100 and help walk you through whether or not hiring a design team is right for you. If this does not apply to you, then please see step 1 below.

(1)   Step 1: An initial in-person consultation where a remodel design professional meets at your home to discuss the what and the why of your design goals, from functionality to aesthetic, as well as your potential build plans and budget, so that we can design accordingly. We take photos, videos, and measurements so that we are equipped with the content we’ll need to create your design deliverable. Most importantly, we’ll have a conversation about your idea and the reasons behind it.

(2)   Step 2: Select the specific design services that you’d like to move forward with.

(3)   Step 3: We send you the agreement, and we execute the agreement.

(4)   Step 4: A video consultation with the designer who will be working on your design, in which we discuss specific design processes, ideas, decisions, and logistics. The designer will provide feedback and suggestions wherever they feel they can make improvements.

(5)   Step 5: The designer works on your deliverable(s), communicating with you throughout as necessary via group chat.

(6)   Step 6: Once the design has been submitted, approved, and you are ready to move forward with your renovation, we are either done working on your project, or we will transition into the build portion of your project.



Our design packages all require a base design fee and include tangible deliverables, such as floor plans or renders. Our only stand-alone service, which does not require a base design fee is our virtual design consultation service, which you can buy independently without any deliverables if you’re just looking for time to bounce off ideas, ask questions, or generally discuss your project with our design team.  

Stand-Alone Services: 

Our Packages Review Consultation: $100 for time with the design team to answer any questions you may have about our packages  

Virtual Design Consultation: This service gives you time with the design team to discuss your project and flesh out anything and everything regarding your project, from brainstorming ideas to general design questions to receiving professional opinions on material selection and more. $200 per 30 minutes, $325 per 60 minutes, $500 per 120 minutes

Our Packages Review Consultation$100
Virtual Design Consultation (30 min.)$200
Virtual Design Consultation (60 min.)$325
Virtual Design Consultation (120 min.)$500


Base Design Fee: $500 per room 

This base service INCLUDES 1 60-min video consultation.

This base also INCLUDES 1 editing round per deliverable selection.* Editing rounds are reasonable minor edits in color, material selection, patterns, and minor layout changes, but are not inclusive of major deviations/overhauls from the general creative direction established in prior communication. The design team will initiate a group chat to communicate through the design process with you as needed. Further editing rounds at $75/hr.

* Follow-up video consultations do not apply.

** Response times are subject to the design team’s availability and may not respond immediately  

    Video Meetings

    Follow-Up Video Consultation (30 min.)$200
    Follow-Up Video Consultation (60 min.)$325
    Follow-Up Video Consultation (120 min.)


      3D Renders

      Interior Renderings: basic quality$300+$150 per image
      Interior Renderings: life quality$700+$150 per image

      Floor Plans

      Floor Plan - Black/White

      Floor Plan - Color
      Floor Plan - 3D Color
      Floor Plan – Work Flow, Black/White
      Floor Plan - Work Flow, Color
      Floor Plan – Work Flow, 3D Color

      Material Selection

      [Turn-Key] Shopping List + Shopping Service - Small (Up to 30 items)*
      [Turn-Key] Shopping List + Shopping Service - Medium (30-60 items)*
      [Turn-Key] Shopping List + Shopping Service - Large (60-100 items)*
      [Turn-Key] Shopping List + Shopping Service + Inspo Collage - X Large (100+ items)*

      * We Will Never Charge You Above Retail Price For Any Of The Items We Order, Only The Flat Fee For Our Service! 

      * Any Individual Turn-Key Shopping Service Agreement Comes With 1 Round Of Sample Deliveries To Your Home (Can Be Multiple Items From Different Stores In One Delivery Trip). Any Sample Trip Beyond That Will Incur An Extra Cost Of $175 Per Delivery.  

      Material Selection Inspo Collage$250

      Water Color

      Water Color Render$200


      Custom Furniture Design - Drawing$300 per image
      Custom Furniture Design - Render$425 per image - includes 1 drawing

      Construction-Level Detail

      Element Sketch / Construction Drawing$200

      Additional Edits

      Additional Editing Rounds$35 per page per round

      All Deliverables Are Intended As A Guide To Communicating What The Final Product Will Look Like After Renovation, But Not As A Perfect Replica. There May Be Discrepancies Between The Visual Approximation And Real Structure. We Do Not Make Any Claims That The Visuals Delivered Will Be 100% Representative Of The Final Product. 

      Design Portfolio

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      Design Testimonials

      Quality, Reliability, Excellent Customer Service! We decided to hire Integrated Home Improvement for our kitchen and media room remodel and have not regretted it in the least. We were impressed by the range of offerings including design, project planning and finance services and we took advantage of most of these. The attention to detail and the attentiveness from Francisco is what truly impressed us. The project was planned, and the timeline was communicated to us in an efficient manner. Francisco prioritized our needs during the remodel including the necessity to have access to certain kitchen appliances that would allow us to continue cooking at home as much as possible! He did his best to coordinate the different teams in charge of completing different jobs and accommodating a range of schedules, including ours. He also took accountability for any hiccups, which we greatly appreciated. He anticipated potential delays which helped with our planning process. The end result was a beautiful remodel without any major delays! We were delighted with the quality of the cabinet modifications and paint job from Ricardo's team and grateful for their expertise and kind suggestions. We did encounter a few minor issues that are likely common in kitchen overhauls; however, Francisco and the team took care of these issues very quickly and efficiently. Overall, the quality of the work was excellent and we've received many compliments! We are very happy with our remodel and will be doing business with Francisco and his team again!

      Anu Nayar

      We contracted with Francisco and his design team to remodel our kitchen. Our kitchen was lacking in providing a functional workflow. We cook at home often and wanted to redesign the space to allow for an improved workflow but also an updated and original look. Francisco and his design team provided a design that offered a much more functional layout but also had an original and timeless look that matched our style. They incorporated finishes that we wouldnt have thought of but loved such as the walnut cabinets, light fixtures and so much more. Once we signed to move forward with construction, Francisco diligently worked to source the right trades for the different parts of the kitchen. One that was especially challenging was the cabinetry given the modern walnut style. Francisco was amazing at matching us up with people we all agreed was up to the task. As construction began Francisco and his design team stayed engaged and on top of every part of the process and helped us make decisions and adjustments as we went. There were several complications given the age of the home but, he was able to work through all of them. Two things stood out for us when working with Francisco's team. First, he is extremely humble and listens to his customers. We had negative experiences with several contractors that would only do things their way and would listen. So his ability to approach his projects and customers with empathy stood out. Secondly, he provided the ability to have the designers engaged through the entire process; which was essential. For a project this scale, nothing goes according to plan and you have to adjust. The designers feedback and counsel on those adjustments, I believe, crucial for ensuring what was constructed stayed true to their vision. I would definitely recommend Francisco's team for rennovation projects. In fact we already contracted with him for redesigning several other spaces to match our kitchen. Before and after photos attached.

      Charles Zipp
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